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Marilyn Monroe Figurines

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Welcome Marilyn Collectors

Royal Orleans made 5 figurines. Four of the figurines were manufactured and limited to 20,000. The copyright is 1983. As far as having the rights from the estate Of Marilyn Monroe. I don't believe they did. The rights were from Twentieth Century Fox. There was a Fifth Figurine made but never put into production it was a prototype, a sample. Two were made. When it came time to renew the License thier was a dispute with Marilyn's Estate and Twentieth Century Fox and the license was not renewed. In 1987 Jan Hagara manufacture of/figurine/doll line, bought out Royal Orleans. They now were the owners of the two Prototype Marilyn Pieces that were never put into production. (Just like the movie "Something's Got To Give". A movie that never went into production.) Jan Hagara SOLD the two prototypes on Ebay.

Royal Orleans  made two types of small figurines one Seven Year Itch the other Diamonds are Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Type one a 4" figurine, Type two is a 4" Ornament.



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